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When was the last time you really audited your IS operations? Information is the real "gold" in today's business and economy. Name a customer or vendor of yours that does not use computers and the informational access that they provide. Pretty tough to name one, darn near impossible to name two. Computer systems are no longer a luxury item sitting on the desk of the office secretary. Pricing, purchase orders, inventory, invoicing, and a host of other business essentials are tied right into your information systems.

Can you name the top ten problems that your company faces? Do you have a plan in place to fix the problems? Better yet, do you have a plan in place to keep that top problem from recurring? Is there always a top ten list? There better be! It's so easy to get into a position of throwing money at problems because the complexity can be overwhelming. We help get a handle on the source identification and resolution of business problems. Our favorite problem tracking system is a whiteboard and dry erase markers. It's very cost effective!!! If that seems a little cavalier, we've solved customer problems where they were getting 4000+ problems a month. When we finished, they were in control of the 20 or 30 maintenance type problems that they should have seen as a normal course of business.

Here again is an area where we have a terrific amount of experience. Ten years experience in performing these reviews will give you confidence that you are spending your time and money wisely.

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