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Business Process Re-engineering

Every business needs to review their processes and procedures. Thinking that the old tried and true way of doings things, is flawed. What happens when a longtime employee decides to retire and process knowledge walks out the door with them? What happens when situations that surround your business change? Look at the railroads, look at the film photography business. Look at whether you are you maximizing your business potential and minimizing risks? Do you really believe that you have all the answers, all the time? Do you have a business plan, that you and your company understand?

Well, hopefully that gets a reaction or two. That line of thinking can go several ways, we prefer the method that seems to have a lot of common sense attached. The more common method that is seen however, seems to have decisions made with a pocket calculator being flailed around in a free for all meeting. Or worse, complete indecision.

Our experience includes; leading brainstorming sessions, JAD (joint application development) layouts, the migration of hundreds of phone numbers into a single point of contact phone number, the architecting of multiple product lines convergence to a unified quality assurance program for a billion $$$ company, CRM applications at many levels. Other references upon request.

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