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Disaster Recovery Planning

A candid discussion with many top executives of companies both large and small, points to a definite uneasiness when this topic comes up. Why is this? Generally a lack of understanding as to which of the business processes are sufficiently addressed, and which are not. Interestingly, many can't identify which are the most critical applications and processes to their own business. We can lead these discussions.

We use a time tested process of doing a complete Disaster Recovery Planning session and identify critical applications and single points of failure. The tool we use is called a CFIA. It's an updated process than put the first man on the moon. It offers a level of detail that is meaningful in making accurate estimations of risk. We can almost guarantee you, that if you have had a DRP "solution" in the past 2-3 years, skills transfers were ignored. It's just one of those "things" that slips through the crack about 95% of the time. We know you can't afford those kinds of mistakes. We will provide you with plain English documentation on your business. You can use the documentation to bring whatever vendor you choose, to resolve areas of concern.

With regard to our own business model (we don't sell hardware or software), we also do not sell you a "hot site" for your DRP needs. We'll take you through exactly what needs to done with for "cold site" preparation. We will also point out single points of failure that could hurt your company on day to day, normal business processes.

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